Idea Time

Alright so here’s the deal…we love it when you come to a consultation or session with some ideas! That’s the honest truth. Part of the reason we do a consultation is so we can sit down, talk with you and find out what you have in mind for your session or wedding photography. Feel free to tell us your vision, your dream, how you picture it. But, please also know that your photographer has (hopefully) done this before and will have some ideas of their own. Be open to suggestions, be willing to try some new things even if they feel silly, be adventurous and have fun, make silly faces, try some crazy poses. Remember,  at the end of the day, it’s about enjoying yourself and coming up with images you will love. Trust us when we tell you that you will enjoy having some images that are not posed, not staring into the camera, not all smiling your biggest smile. 

Now let me tell you what we don’t love… we don’t love it when you go on Pinterest, find 50 images that you love and expect that we are going to be able to reproduce those images for you. Let me explain to you why…

1. It would be copyright infringement if we were to copy an image for you. We can get ideas from it, but can not downright copy it. 

2. Unless you look exactly like the people in the image you found and have the exact same expression, your picture won’t look identical. 

3. Is it the same location, lighting, time of day as the image you found? If not, it will look different. 

4. Do you have the same clothes and props? No, then it will be different. 

5. It may not be our style. Each photographer has some way of taking photos that is different then other photographers. It an be a combination of things, like equipment choices, angles, perspective, editing choices…no two photographers are exactly the same. 

So, what does that mean for you? That means that we completely encourage you to look at images and see what you like. Feel free to show us and tell us why you like them. That gives us a sense of your style and what you are drawn to. But please, don’t show us a bunch of images and say… I want you to do this, I want this picture, etc. etc.  

Keep in mind that your engagement and/or wedding is uniquely you. Its full of your ideas, your thoughts, your likes and your style. So why would you want your images to be just like someone else’s? The bottom line is that we welcome ideas from you and hope you will do the same from us. If you have any questions or need to schedule a consultation, please feel free to contact us by email or phone. 

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