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So, you are engaged and have started planning your wedding! That’s awesome and we are super happy for you. Have you sat down and written out your budget? If not, do it now! For real, it’s super important and you shouldn’t buy a single thing or hire a single vendor until you have a budget (unless you’re independently wealthy and just spend money with no thought to how much things cost. In that case, carry on.) For the rest of you, listen up! Weddings are notoriously expensive and you will be amazed once you realize all the little things that you will “need” and how quickly the cost of stuff adds up. There are vendors to hire, venues to rent out, dresses to buy, napkins to monogram, music to listen to and of course, cake to be baked. Last but not least, and perhaps the 2nd most important part of your wedding, there is a wedding photographer to hire. 

So, our advice to you is to make a budget and don’t get cheap when it comes to the photography. Think about it…once your wedding day is over, you are going to have a new spouse, perhaps a dress taking up a ton of space in your closet and your wedding portraits. 

I am just going to come out and say it…if you pay little to nothing for a wedding photographer, be prepared to not love your wedding photos. I know that sounds harsh and there are people who will protest that statement, but guess what? It’s true. We aren’t trying to be mean, and we understand that there are always exceptions, but your chances are slim that you are going to get amazing portraits and/or products. If you don’t believe us, go online and start looking around. We guarantee that you will find story after story of couples who had free photographers or had a friend or family member take pictures and now regret it. Remember, your wedding is going to be a one time event. Its not like you can re-do it if something goes wrong. 

In summary, we are asking you to please, please, please set aside part of your budget for photography. Whether you are having a small wedding or a large one, simple or extravagant, you are going to wish you had nice portraits. Call or email us. We have packages for almost all budgets and we really want you to have nice photos of your important day. In addition, we have lots of tips to help you find the perfect photographer and even if its not us, we are happy to help you. 

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