A Grooms Story, Part 3

Here is the conclusion of the grooms story. We hope you
enjoyed this.

That small anticipation also rattled around in my head as I
stood up there, but it was overshadowed tremendously by the fact that I could
see Jenny’s umbrella moving along outside the chapel windows to my left.
 Holly, her friend and maid of honor, held it for her.  Once I saw
the umbrella, I didn’t peek anymore.  I like a surprise.

When the door opened and she started walking down the isle I
freaked out a little.  She was, in that moment, the most beautiful thing I
have ever seen.  James had told me to expect that, but I didn’t. 

A wedding is of course all about the bride.  She had a
legion of people helping her get ready while I stood alone in the dressing
room.  She had spent a great deal of time and money and energy on her
dress, while I could hardly be bothered to get measured for a rental tuxedo.
 Her father would walk her down the isle and give her away while I stood
up there in somebody else’s pants.  

He did walk her down the isle, and Chris asked him the
question about who gives her away, and he said “I do”, which was
awesome because I know how much it meant to him.  She’d gotten married on
the sly once, before I’d ever met her, and when I had approached him before the
engagement to ask if he had any issue with me asking Jenny to marry me, he’d
told me that this time he wanted to be there to give her away.  He looked
really happy, but I barely noticed since I couldn’t take my eyes off of Jenny.  

Her shoulders and arms were bare, her hair was done up all
fancy, her makeup was perfect, her skin glowed, and she wore the biggest most
genuine smile.  I was probably grinning like an idiot, but I seriously
doubt anyone was looking at me.  She was also sporting an ample amount of
cleavage.  Not so much as for it to be distasteful, but enough that I
about broke my eyeballs trying not to blatantly stare at it.

I feel like I should spend more time talking about the
cleavage, but suffice to say, it was magnificent.  

Really the entire presence of her was astoundingly
beautiful.  Every bit of concern that I was feeling about how obnoxious
she had been during the past few days just sort of melted away, and then it was
just me and her standing up there.  It wasn’t, I mean Holly, Chris, and
Patrick were up there too, but despite that it was just the two of us.
 When she looked up at me her face was so lovely and so happy I knew everything
would be alright.  

The ceremony proceeded.  Patrick got sacked, and Jenny
and I shared a giggle about it when he was asked to provide the ring.  He
held it together nicely.  Chris kept the proceedings lighthearted and
reasonably short.  

I kissed the bride, and it felt right.  

We walked down the isle with the appropriate fanfare, to the
tune of “Another One Bites the Dust”.  Everyone milled around
outside and some preliminary photos were taken by people with little digi-cams
and cell phone cameras before we submitted to Jess and Tony for the official
post-ceremony photo shoot.  We did some typical sort of wedding shots
where family members gather around in various configurations to be photographed
together, and then split to do the pictures of just us.  

Jess and Tony each approach their art form from different
perspectives, and with all of the ideas they generated for pictures we wound up
with a really incredible photo album.  Some of the shots are, for lack of
a better word, epic.  

I was in a phenomenally good mood when we left the chapel to
head back to the house and start the reception.  So much so that I got
pulled over going 96 in a 65.  I was in my tuxedo and Jenny was in her
dress looking unbelievably good.  The cop that pulled me over looked kind
of bummed to have to write me a ticket, but since it was such an obnoxious
speed that he clocked me at he had to do it.  I had to go to court for
that, actually.  It cost me almost three hundred bucks.  

The reception went, I think, pretty well.  I wish we
hadn’t had it at the house, but despite that it was a really good time.
 The cake was delicious, the caterers took great care of us, the company
was great, and I think everybody had fun.  I had a little too much fun, if
I’m being honest.  

Good times.

~Zachary Wakefield

Wakefield is a family man from Vermont with many interests including a variety
of musical instruments, electronic engineering and inventing, medieval
weaponry, and creative writing.  He also manages a blog, aptly named “ 
Things to Read
 ” which he uses as a creative outlet or just a place to goof around with words.  Zach has also published a lovely little illustrated story-poem entitled “ Rutkin ” (an equally, if not as obviously, apt name) which, as you’ll see if you click on the link there, is available on Amazon.  

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