10 Tips to Improve Your Wedding Photography Experience

10 Tips to Improve your Wedding Photography Experience.

Here are the first 10 of our top 20 list of things to do to improve your wedding
photography. We hope these are helpful to you...

Tip 1: Research Photographers

Do your research! Remember, you get what you pay for. Cheaper is not always better and a.friend with a camera is going to take photos that look like they were taken by a friend with a.camera. Professional wedding photographers have training and experience in photographing.weddings. At Dark Light Portrait Studios, we are members of both Professional Photographers of.America & are Certified Professional Photographers and have photographed A LOT of weddings. 

Tip 2: Have an Engagement Session

An engagement session will give you a chance to get to know us before your big day. It is very.important that we all get along, as we will be spending a lot of time together..This opportunity gives you the chance to ask questions about your wedding day photography.and explain your photography needs. It is also where you will get beautiful portraits that you can.use at your reception, as well as on your save the date cards.

Tip 3: Make a portrait list

Make a list of the important portraits you want taken before the wedding, during the ceremony.and during the reception. Give it to us before the day of the wedding so we can become familiar.with it. Also, share it with the people involved, email it to your wedding party, your parents, etc.. This will.help those who are in the photos know where they need to be and when.

Tip 4: Location Location Location!

If you have a specific place(s) in mind where you want portraits taken on your wedding day, let us.know ahead of time. This will give us time to scout out the locations and get a feel for them before the wedding.

Tip 5: Photographer Flash Use

Don’t forget to ask your church/wedding venue about the use of flash. Most churches do not.allow flash photography during the wedding ceremony. This information is vital to us as your.photographers. Please be sure to let us know the policies ahead of time.

Tip 6: Timing

Allow adequate time in the wedding day schedule to take your portraits between the ceremony.and reception. Ideally, we would like to have at least an hour, especially if you want group shots.or to go to different locations. The more time you allow for photography the better your portraits.will come out. Also remember that photos taken after dark are going to look different than photos .taken when the sun is still out. 

Tip 7: Traditional, Lifestyle or Photo-journalistic

Hire a photographer that matches your style and the type of portraits you like. If you want.traditional posed shots don’t hire someone that only does photojournalism..Traditional photographers mostly do posed portraits..Lifestyle photographers use a combination of posed and candid portraits..Photo-journalistic photographers use little to no posing on portraits.

Tip 8: Editing

Don’t forget that for us as your photographers, the wedding is not over after your BIG DAY..We still have hours and hours of editing and retouching to do afterwards. This is why.professionals charge more than non-professional photographers. We put in the work to ensure.that you have quality portraits that you will be proud of. With that in mind, please don’t ask us to just “Photoshop it”..Remember adding or removing people or items will greatly increase the price and the length of time it takes to get your portraits.

Tip 9: Don’t make drastic changes in the days close to your wedding

Don’t get a spray tan, haircut, facial or anything else brand new in the last days before the wedding. This..should also apply to your wedding party. Make any changes a week or so ahead of time.. breakouts, hair freak outs 

and the oompa-loompa look on your wedding day are not fun..

Tip 10: Ask your guests to put their cell phones down

Everyone loves photos, and we are sure you have been to a wedding where everyone has their phones out. Often, guests with cell phones can ruin a professional photo. Nothing looks worse than a beautiful photo of you standing at the alter that is ruined because everyone in the audience has their phones up in the air. Many a photo has been ruined or un-shot because a guest with a cell phone got in the way, cut off the photographer or are holding their phone/tablet up above their heads. We are paid to be at your wedding, so ask your guests to enjoy the ceremony in real time and let us handle the photography. 

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