1. A Grooms Story, Part 3

    04 Nov 2020
    Here is the conclusion of the grooms story. We hope you enjoyed this. That small anticipation also rattled around in my head as I stood up there, but it was overshadowed tremendously by the fact that I could see Jenny’s umbrella moving along outside the chapel windows to my left.…

  2. A Grooms Story, Part 2

    28 Oct 2020
    This is the 2nd part of the grooms story. Come next week to read the ending! Down in the dressing room my reflection looked at me from the mirror and nodded in a sort of general approval.  I had cleaned up nicely, and had worked out and eaten right and…

  3. A Grooms Story, Part 1

    22 Oct 2020
    Often times, when people think or talk about weddings, it’s of the bride. Sometimes it seems that the groom is left out. So we wanted to show the wedding day story from the grooms perspective. Below you will find the 1st of a 3 part grooms story. Come back next…

  4. Wedding Day Timeline

    14 Oct 2020
    Today we will be talking about the wedding day timeline. Many wedding photographers will ask the couples they are working with to write down a timeline of the day. For some, it may feel like extra or unnecessary work, but trust us, it will make things easier in the long…

  5. Budgeting For Your Wedding

    07 Oct 2020
    Congratulations! You have gotten engaged and are anxious to start planning for your wedding! It’s all very exciting and at times will be overwhelming, but trust us, you can get through this. However, to do so while still maintaining a bit of sanity, please, please, please set a budget for…

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